The right mix of Passion and expertise

Blaine Miller, Principal Analyst and Senior Consultant

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As a Principal Consultant at Strategic Bongo, Blaine utilizes his deep experience and extensive analytical knowledge to help clients overcome their toughest challenges and improve their business. He is typically involved in all phases of his projects and has proven his ability to function as the catalyst for effectively identifying sustainability, organic growth plans, and business and industry trends. Blaine is a results-oriented leader who prides himself in his ability to deliver exceptional solutions to complex problems with professionalism, accountability, and integrity.


Blaine brings over 25 years of experience within engineering, construction, project management, real estate development, real estate finance, and real estate sales and marketing. Blaine has led start up efforts in construction and land development operations as well as managing mature business operations of complex organizations. Blaine is highly experienced in navigating the business complexities associated with new governmental regulations, financial market disruptions, and cyclical economic pressures. Two elements have remained true during Blaine's diverse range of experience:

  • Ability to effectively identify current challenges and opportunities -- and adapt an innovative strategic vision while focusing tactics that create a transformative and effective culture within an organization that yields lasting and sustainable achievement.
  • Absolute commitment to Core Values

Blaine advocates the belief that in the present highly disruptive and challenged real estate sector, opportunity exists. He believes a paradigm shift is emerging that enables certain entities to transform into high-performing market leaders. As such, Blaine focuses his expertise to provide trusted strategic and tactical services and solutions to an array of enterprises and investment groups with distressed real estate assets.

Prior to Strategic Bongo, Blaine was President and founder of JB Miller and Associates, Inc. JB Miller and Associates mission was to provide sales and marketing solutions to the broader real estate community, with emphasis on the home building and land development segments. He provided in-depth market analysis, sales program development and management, pricing strategies, and risk management assessments. As the real estate market began to come under stress, Blaine turned his attention to providing turnaround strategies for builders, developers, real estate brokerages, lending institutions, and individuals.

In 1989, after working 5 years as a project engineer for the Boeing Company, Blaine joined First Builders Company, a 40 year residential building and land development company. At First Builders, Blaine led the efforts to found their Seattle, Washington operations. This entrepreneurial effort provided hands-on experience in market analysis, real estate finance, land acquisition and development, construction and project management, as well as the sale and marketing of new home developments. During this period he became familiar with the effects of the boom-bust real estate cycle and effectively developed a turnaround strategy in the aftermath of the S&L Crisis of the early 1990's. By 1997, Blaine had become the President and CEO of First Builders which had grown to a $25 million per year homebuilding and land development company that was well recognized as an industry leader in product innovation, style and architecture, sustainable land management practices, and customer satisfaction.

In 2002, Blaine and his fellow share holders recognized that the industry was on an unsustainable path – as a result, Blaine engineered a dissolution strategy that led to the successful dissolution of First Builders Company and delivered multi-millions of share holder equity.


Blaine is a graduate of the University of Wyoming with a BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering.