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September 30, 2011 (Initial Entry)

For some, change is viewed as a welcomed and exciting period filled with tremendous opportunity. Others see only daunting challenges that are a source of anxiety and invoke the desire to just hunker down, weather the storm, and wait for a return to 'normal'. How we choose to perceive tranformation is entirely up to us as individuals.

Shedding light on a couple of important points can perhaps bring clarity and perspective to the changes or modern renaissance, as I like to refer to it, that are occurring and why are they are so significant to business.

As an Industry Analyst tracking trends, analyizing and inferring information to understand implications of the nature of these changes is a passion. My interest in these blogs is to provoke thought and inspire discussion surrounding items such as

  • The nature of these changes.
  • Where businesses in various industries might focus to meet near term challenges and position for opportunity.
  • What tactics are being employed?
  • How change is getting operationalized?

In synergy with additional industry trend analysis and insight, I create and utilize the following:

  • Monitor changes in debt levels, wealth, income, employment, savings rate, economic activity, confidence and gauge potential impacts on business and credit
  • Regulatory and Policy changes – gauge potential impacts to business and credit
  • Economic events/shocks – gauge potential impacts to business and credit
  • Identify potential market windows and bottlenecks within the operating environment

This leads me to my first question to you all --- I look forward to insightful discussion.

Question: Do you agree with the following Premise and that we are now embarking upon a "New Normal"?


The 'Old Normal': A solid, predictable, linear, and steady-state progression of the economic fundamentals that coincided with the rapid expansion of technology.

The 'New Normal': A macro economic environment where fundamentals are less predictable, highly non-linear and non steady-state, existing in an environment of an even greater expansion of technology.

Send me your thoughts at or contact me at 425.466.1080.

Point of View

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The 'New Normal' is characterized by a highly dynamic macroeconomic environment as households, businesses, and governments deleverage. Deleveraging is a powerful, time consuming process spanning many years and is characterized by more frequent recessions and weaker recoveries that will reshape consumer, business, and governmental behavior.

My Analysis and Consultancy assists to navigate the environment by providing businesses unbiased and cogent analysis of economic data. In addition, the critical thinking and depth of knowledge initiates the creation and availability of powerful toolsets that become my client's source of competitive advantage and the foundation for the emerging renaissance in business.

I am interested in discussing areas of impact and change as your enterprise and industry navigate the this dynamic environment. Such information seeds key analytic trends enabling inferences that may be sources of competitive advantage.

Send me your thoughts at or
contact me at 425.466.1080.