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2020 is the confluence of the human, science, technology, philosophy and religion.  Intelligent and creative leadership minds, hearts and actions, have formed the vast universe of “things” scattering our existence – we have even created constructs called ‘artificial intelligence’ and 'BioTechnology'.  While contract laws, doctrines, scientific innovations and the material “things” have value, none can come close to nature and our innate human potential. 

Beautiful Decomposition, the American Project, redefines what it means to be a leader.  In clear terms, its framework articulates how the power of authentic contemplation, affords us an understanding of our individual innate human potential. The game changing milestones offered herein, fuel leadership insights that ignite new levels of cross-discipline collaboration, that power innovation and this century forward. 

The I2 Framework™, propels individual leaders into a landscape of total freedom, where creative innovation can meaningfully seed, grow and flourish. In this environment, leaders realize the ability to infuse joy and newness into all aspects of work and personal life.  Doing the right things, for the right reasons, while achieving a reasonable and fair return on mental, emotional, physical and classical broad-scale investment becomes the sustainable reality. And, without forfeiting attributes that make them powerfully successful; because drive, grit, and determination for attaining an end result, rise to an all-time high.

Contemporary humans, from the industrial revolution through the current state of tech advancement, have left indelible marks on the hearts and minds of humanity.  What is ubiquitous to it all?  Regardless of the sector: government, military, enterprise, theological/spiritual, academics, athletics, or as a simple commoner with no label; leaders are human beings.  Our innate quest to secure basic fundamental needs, our common qualities of suffering, and our desire for total freedom, unite us.

With empathy, compassion bound by wisdom, leadership, in its cerebral capacities can finally emerge to be the indomitable revolutionary force that acts to deny the purveyance of suffering – and deliver upon the promise of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for All.  And it starts with oneself, and the revolutionary Innate Intelligent (I2) Framework™.  And it is sustained with Demosophy™, or wisdom of the people.