Get Seen, appreciated and collected

Our goal is to get key artist works seen, appreciated and collected in the market. Our tactic is unique in that we strive to the deeply understand and bring forward the true voice of the artist. As a result, Strategicbongo does not widely represent artists. We align only with contemporary artists who embody a clearly defined philosophical and contextually relevant voice. Represented artists possess mastery of the mediums they leaverage while innovating unique creative processes. We represent artists whose art has the power to touch viewers souls and therefore will stand the test of time.

Art Meets Business

StrategicBongo handles the public facing business interests of an artist or artist estates. We provide the resource and acumen in collaboration with or on behalf of the artist or art owner resulting in

  • Definition and Management of  Marketing & Business Operations Plans
  • Communication Definition & Representation that Elevates the Artist Voice to Collectors and Dealers
  • Agreements and Contracting Definition & Oversite
  • Establishing and Securing Exhibit Opportunities

Smooth and Seamless Sales Engagements

  • Sales Bought by Direct or Indirect Sales and/or  Licensing Agreements
  • Ideation Resulting in Solid Promotional Plans
  • Contracting Support and Liaison-ship between Brokerage and Agent Communities