The right mix of Passion and expertise to
Set A New Tempo for Business

Strategic Bongo is the key resource for business executives to effectively identify and operationalize initiatives without taxing or redirecting existing resources away from critical day-to-day activities. Clients gain peace of mind in knowing that Strategic Bongo and its network of thought leaders invest both time and capital to stay abreast of dynamic market conditions and technology advancements. The result affords clients a distinct competitive advantage --- today and well into the future.

Overview of Bongo's Leadership

Development Platform Illustration
Kristin Raffaelle
President & Founder

As a President and Founder of Strategic Bongo, Kristin utilizes her vast business experience and broad technical knowledge to help clients overcome their toughest challenges and improve their business. She is typically involved in all phases of her projects and has proven her ability to think out-of-the-box to inspire new methods that lead to a competitive sustainable advantage. Kristin is a results-oriented leader who prides herself in her ability to deliver effective timely solutions to complex problems with professionalism, accountability, and integrity.

Innovation Backed by Results

While maintaining the 'big picture', we strive to deliver innovation backed by results. We are likely not big risk advocates and focus on risk reduction through an iterative approach that brings clarity to everyday business and doing it consistently well.

Fundamental Focus

  • Helping businesses drive top line sales growth by better understanding and serving their clients
  • Consistently increasing cash flow from operations through cost efficiencies and productivity improvements