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Why Bongo?

Strategic Bongo is the trusted, value-added resource that enables businesses to identify, adapt and achieve goals. We fill key resource constraints that allow our client's to seamlessly forge ahead. Businesses recognize the need to become more productive and efficient while expanding market reach. Yet the challenges posed by today’s economic malaise tax resources and impede the ability to direct already scarce human capital away from critical day-to-day activities.

At Strategic Bongo we assist clients with offensive and defensive strategies that engage effectively in any economic environment, affording businesses the resilience and agility necessary to navigate headwinds. Our passion resides in devising and managing organic growth strategies in the pursuit of operational excellence.


three levers of organic growth
  • Enhance profitability and cash flow from operations by pursuing cost efficiencies and productivity improvement throughout the value chain
  • Achieve sustainable top line sales growth through market development efforts supported by proven strategic and operational frameworks
  • Optimize business processes and systems to create a work force that is intensely focused, loyal, and emotionally engaged.
propel business beyond the norm

Turn to Strategic Bongo to spearhead efforts that drive improvements to help propel business beyond the norm.

  • Increase operational efficiency and productivity
  • Create and execute strategic plans
  • Build and perform effective marketing
  • Mitigate and manage risk
  • Increase compliance
  • Identify and harness business intelligence
  • Structure high performing strategic alliances
  • Embody methodologies to better leverage technology
harness the transformative power

We harness the transformative power by acting in accordance with our core values while collaborating with business executives to craft relevant solutions that can be quickly and effectively operationalized.

Extensive value-added resources
  • Business experience
  • Vertical industry breadth
  • Vast toolkit of consulting services
  • Robust, next generation technology solution
  • Tools and methods to effectively leverage technology innovation
relevant solutions

We collaborate with business executives to craft relevant solutions that can be operationalized quickly and effectively by leveraging our extensive array of business experience, industry knowledge, next generation technology solutions, and our extensive partner network.

Our clients gain peace of mind in knowing that Strategic Bongo and its network of partners regularly invest the time and capital to stay abreast of a fast moving technology environment to consistently deliver cutting edge solutions that yield distinct competitive advantage not only today, but well into the future.