Advance Business
via Technology

By bringing clarity to technology benefits and its revolutions and evolutions that continue to take place at breakneck speed, Strategic Bongo's Business and IT Alignment Service assists organizations to make better decisions that

  • Enable IT to be a higher performing resource.
  • Enable business executives, managers, and owners to be knowledgeable about the benefits that highly accessible modern technology can have on bottom line results.
  • Bridge the gap between business and IT so that effective technology solutions are delivered to business - when and where they are needed.

Modernize IT systems

We help companies maximize their use of technology to enhance productivity and efficiency while achieving consistent, high-quality performance. Business growth and sustainability are captured and optimized through superior, well-coordinated execution between functional areas.

As opportunities occur, the effective utilization of existing and new technology systems will be a major contributing factor in either seizing or missing crucial windows of opportunity.

Ride the Cloud

Upheavals in the economy have created a "new normal" that requires businesses to operate at an unparalleled level of efficiency and agility.

Fortunately, IT systems have evolved beyond costly hardware-intensive point solutions to cost-effective cloud-based solutions that are supported by an interconnected fabric of business toolsets fueling business beyond the norm. Learn More

Aligning Business Need
and I.T. Capability

  • Make better decisions in the area of IT portfolio management inclusive of determining which projects to fund.
  • Provide a vast and fully featured IT toolset that enables rapid service creation; resulting in effective organizational change that quickly and effectively addresses needs.
  • Employ business process modeling and workflow automation to increase efficiency and productivity, reduce costs, improve quality and consistency, drive profitability, and enhance employee and client satisfaction.
  • Evolve IT organizations from cost centers to key business alliances with the potential to become revenue generating catalysts.
  • Manage technical, organizational, and business risks associated with IT projects.