actionable intelligence

At Strategic Bongo we assist in the development of monitoring and reporting capabilities that grow and expand with your company. Monitoring and reporting can be integrated into documented business processes to make reporting efficient and streamlined. Through the application of the proper technology solutions, robust, detailed, and automated monitoring and reporting can be delivered immediately to any process user.

Sustainable Practices that Add Business Value

Sustainability practices: five stages

    • Broaden Visibility – Real-time and near-time reporting provides immediate insight into key business functions, dynamically monitors work, and takes corrective action based on events and quality standards
    • Gain Greater Agility – Monitoring dashboards, reports and alerts illuminate variances, mistakes, and problems
    • Insightful Management – We make it easy for management to gain insights by designing reports to monitor and analyze processes, work status, and customer satisfaction
    • Client Awareness– Predict and monitor trends and enable real time recommendations based on historical client data enabling cross-sell, up-sell and retention.
    • Enhanced Workforce Engagement – Provide people with the constant, reliable, objective feedback they need in order to learn and improve - creating an intensely focused, loyal, and emotionally engaged work force. 
Enhance Growth & Performance
    • Introduce the right complimentary products for current clients
    • Add timely complimentary services
    • Drive cost efficiencies throughout the value chain
    • Increase productivity
    • improve the quality and consistency of execution
    • Sales Analytics
    • Marketing Analytics
    • Client Services Analytics
    • Sustainability Analytics
    • Risk Management and Compliance Analytics
    • Finance and Accounting Analytics