Harness the Power of Alliances

Competition exists across the entire business ecosystem – inclusive of attracting the best talent, securing qualified alliances, and landing clients.  That’s why establishing effective methods to identify, attract, and maintain pre and post sale alliances that act to broaden market reach and improve operational efficiency is critical to growth and sustainability. 

Alliance Development -- Methods, Tools and Intelligence

Strategic Bongo’s Alliance Development Services deliver the methods, tools, and intelligence to identify the addressable market and funnel it to its most probable/highest priority targets.  Tactically we work to build out the necessary framework and supporting toolsets to optimize 3rd party relationships.

    • Channel Identification and Segmentationidentify and prioritize prospective channel partners.  Who are priority targets and should be approached first and why?
    • Core Messaging – define methods of communicating the business value and benefits to the target audience and thus attract the best quality alliances.
    • Program Framework – create the necessary support resources, tools, processes, and skill sets to attract and maintain quality 3rd Party Alliances.
      • On-boarding Process and Toolset Delivery
      • Management, Optimization, and Maintenance Programs

Outsourcing options

Sales channels expansion

value-driven programs