move Thoughtfully and with agility

generate positive cash flow

The emphasis at this stage is on sales growth, product diversification, and profitability.  Efforts are more devoted to tailoring products to new markets and less emphasis is placed on major product innovations.  At the same time, the business begins to develop a more functionally- based structure that is process driven as authority is delegated to middle managers.

properly allocate scarce resources

We assist in 5 key areas by helping the business allocate resources, refine and define processes and frameworks, and develop strategic alliances that act to accelerate growth.

We deliver the range of supporting services and value added resources throughout the entire lifecycle to drive top line sales, optimize available resources, reduce costs, increase cash flows, and optimize for profitability.

Confidently achieve
Growth objectives

We assist by helping the business properly allocate scarce resources and bring in the necessary value-added resources and alliances together to properly address five key elements:

Value Proposition

Marketing & Sales Strategy

Business Modeling

Action Planning


Launch Resource Planning Method

  • Value Proposition: Is the business offering exactly the right combination of products and services to create enough value in the eyes of the consumer to achieve the necessary competitive advantages to be successful?
  • Marketing and Sales Strategy: Does the business have a well thought out and comprehensive marketing and sales plan that is in alignment with market demands and organizational resources? Will the plan drive the necessary revenue to sustain growth before cash reserves run out? What kind of pricing strategies and incentives are in place to create urgency and drive sales?
  • Business Model: Is the right business model being applied? There are hundreds of viable business models and having the right model that supports the value proposition and the sales & marketing strategy is vital.
  • Action Plan: Where do we see the business in 5 years? What is our plan to get there and have we properly defined the milestones and benchmarks that will enable sustainable success?
  • Communication: During this phase communication of a well thought out plan is vital and the business must successfully market itself to investors, lenders, employees, partners, distributors, key customers, friendly alliances, and potential new management hires.

Our Strategic Bongo Planning Methods illuminate the evolutionary steps necessary for sustainable growth when transitioning from a business development focus and skill set to a “go-to-market” (GTM) mentality.