Go-To-Market --- Do it Right, Do it Once.

Unparalleled Product and Service Launch

The successful transition from product or service development to market availability is a defining moment.  Companies have but one time to create a market impression that will shape lasting perceptions. 

Launch Resource Planning Method

Our Strategic Bongo Launch Resource Planning Method illuminates the evolutionary steps necessary for sustainable revenue growth when transitioning from a business development focus and skill set to a “go-to-market” (GTM) mentality.   

Methods for a Sustainable Advantage

Leverage Strategic Bongo's experience in launching greater than 25 products and services globally across an array of market segments to yield maximum stakeholder value while minimizing internal disruption.

Our services are mindful to balancing human resource and financial constraints while acting to leverage presently available resources and sales opportunities. We employ proven methods that assist our clients construct a sustainable foundation for client retention and sales growth.

    • Bongo GTM Systemized Approach – We create not only a detailed launch plan, but also provide the business framework and processes that enable client satisfaction with replicable and scalable results.
    • Collaborative Involvement that Benefits the Bottom-Line - We leverage the intelligence gained during direct client opportunity development and closure and apply that knowledge to tactically develop frameworks, value messaging, toolsets, and strategies for sustainable results.
    • Sustainable Ecosystem Development – We identify the processes and methods necessary to attract, land, and maintain high quality clients, channel partners, and internal and external sales and support teams. 

Process Definition and Optimization

Strategic Marketing

Business Development

Sales and Channel Development

Market Messaging and Delivery