Much like people, as businesses age they are impacted by both internal and external circumstances. Strategic Bongo assists regardless of the business or economic instance.

cyclical gyrations
of the economy

changes brought by regulatory reform
& mandates

competitive pressures

Successful Lifecycle Management

Our assessment and planning capability assists clients in adjusting frameworks so the business may age gracefully. We believe a healthy business, like a healthy person, must be conscious of a defined wellness program - or business plan. Our Strategic Bongo periodic checkups are specifically designed to maintain the health, well being, and resiliency of the enterprise.

Start-up to Growth Phase Transition

Growth to Maturity Phase Transition

Revival or Turnaround

At Strategic Bongo we bring to bear our extensive industry knowledge, value-added resources, proven methodologies, technology solutions, and world-class strategic alliances that enable business to identify and migrate gracefully through each phase.

Where is your business today?
Where do you want it to go?

Important questions, yet answering and responding tactically poses challenges largely because business resources are focused on present priority activities.

Strategic Bongo brings the perspective, industry knowledge, value-added resources, and strategic alliances to the table and provides business with high quality assessments and the necessary frameworks to respond tactically as the business transitions through the various stages of its life cycle.