concerto of sales and revenue growth

The concerto of sales and revenue growth; market messaging transcends all client related activities and company culture. Connecting viscerally with the audience is paramount; and is accomplished when market recipients become clearly identified with messages. This is easier said than done - all too often, exceptional products get undervalued or go completely unnoticed while inferior products capture market share.

    • Identify Engage & Connect
    • Strategic Message Segmentation
    • Core Differentiation Methodology
    • Business Development
    • Message Incorporation & Delivery
    • Business Intelligence & Monitoring

Launch Resource
Planning Method

Our Strategic Bongo Launch Resource Planning Method illuminates the evolutionary steps necessary for sustainable revenue growth when transitioning from a business development focus and skill set to a “go-to-market” (GTM) mentality.   

Strategic Bongo Market Discovery and Intelligence Methods

Strategic Bongo sets the tempo and carefully assembles the message for each market segment and its rightful constituents. We ardently build methods and supporting toolsets that minimize message confusion and optimize message delivery across all communication vehicles and constituent groups – creating maximum impact by delivering the appropriate message at the right time.

    • Identify Engage and Connect with the target audience and incite them to action. While features, functions, and detailed product attributes are important, they may not be top line needs of prospective clients.  We distill messages that identify actual pain points and create value propositions that resonate with buyers and decision makers.
    • Strategic Message Segmentation - We break down the audience into targeted segments - such as existing clients, prospective clients, employees, channel partners, alliances, investors, analysts, and prospective employees and then carefully craft the messaging appropriate to each segment.
    • Core Differentiation Methodology - We distill and define the true, compelling benefits and respective features that differentiate the product or service within the context of each market segment.  Each product or service offering has multiple features and benefits; we align the appropriate benefit statements with the right audience.
    • Message Incorporation and Delivery – We create a plan that identifies the most effective mediums for message delivery to the target audience - such as collateral, whitepapers, advertising, website enhancements, marketing programs, promotions, tradeshows, educational venues, Public Relations, and media placement.
    • Business Intelligence and Monitoring – We develop methods for quantifying and evaluating marketing activities and lead management efforts, predict and monitor trends within each market segment, and gain insights into the existing client base for potential new product and service offerings.  If needed, we can supply or recommend, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools assist to bring visibility and workflow automation to managing marketing programs, promotions, lead generation and lead management.