move Thoughtfully and with agility

initiate the necessary changes to alter current trajectory

This stage is optional, and often occurs during a Mature or Decline stage when an enterprise has the awareness to recognize its situation and initiate the necessary changes to alter current trajectory. At the same time, Revival and Turnaround may be required of a firm that runs into stormy weather – which periodically happens, particularly in the present economic environment.

Strategic Bongo brings the perspective, industry knowledge, value-added resources, and strategic alliances to the table and provides business with high quality assessments and the necessary frameworks to respond tactically as the business transitions through the various stages of its life cycle.

Confidently achieve

The key to successful Revival and Turnaround is awareness and taking action before symptoms of financial difficulty become acute.    

Value Proposition

Marketing & Sales Strategy

Business Modeling

Action Planning


Need Revival?

Revival and turnaround knows no boundaries -- young or mature, new or existing products. The ability to adapt and make effective decisive change can become paramount an organization's survival.

  • Sales levels begin to decline due to a high level of competitive activity and possible market saturation.
  • A sharp increase in business volume occurs with insufficient material, human, and financial resources to adapt.
  • A series of acquisitions or expansion activities creates previously unforeseen integration, management, and financial challenges.
  • A mature organization that maintains a highly bureaucratic organizational structure, causing an influx of red tape resulting in the inability to coordinate activities and decision making across its various functional units and 3rd party affiliates.
  • A business develops a high debt structure that impairs maneuverability, creating weakness in the face of competitors with greater capitalization.
  • Family business context that creates decision making and succession challenges as well as impairing its ability to attract new talent and potential suitors.
  • An industry that is highly cyclical or in a protracted downturn, causing many competing businesses to fail – leading to depressed prices and a constrained credit environment.

At Strategic Bongo we bring to bear our extensive industry knowledge, value-added resources, proven methodologies, technology solutions, and world class strategic alliances to resolve these problems and return the enterprise to a sustainable trajectory.