Proactively prevent risk events

Protect the value of the organization, reduce costs, and improve cash flow from operations by proactively preventing risk events and compliance violations by incorporating risk management and compliance into strategy, planning, and operational execution.

Sustainable Practices
that Add Business Value

At Strategic Bongo we are assisting businesses to become more agile and resilient by creating controls for risk management that follow an evolutionary design and implementation cycle that is in alignment with business needs, resources and capabilities.

    • Reduce costs by decreased occurrence and impact of risk events, policy violations, and compliance enforcement actions
    • Increase working capital through reduced risk exposure by improving avoidance and prevention practices
    • Improve success rate and returns on business initiatives (ROI)
    • Optimize resources available for risk prevention and mitigation
    • Reduce the cost of compliance, risk, and audit activities by automating manual activities
    • Deliver a more consistent and persistent approach to risk management and compliance through automation
identify, adapt, achieve
    • Identify and prioritize risks and associated avoidance &containment strategies.
    • Adapt risk avoidance and containment strategies into documented business processes.
    • Achieve documented processes that contain risk and maximize available resources in response to the occurrence of a risk event.
    • Innovative technology solutions that create automated risk management and compliance policies while providing reporting analytics that afford the ability to continuously monitor risk indicators and evaluate the impact of risk events and compliance violations on strategic performance.