Growth, Resiliency, Sustainability, and Profitability

Strategic Bongo’s broad range of strategic planning services and capabilities help companies develop long term growth strategies, as well as improvements in short-term agility and efficiency, to achieve sustainable competitive advantage – for all stages of the organizational life cycle.

Strategic Bongo helps executives assess the possibilities, manage risks, and select the strategic direction achieving the greatest stakeholder value.

Strengthen Portfolios

Successful businesses continuously invest in programs to improve their resilience and profitability – regardless of the economic climate. We deliver the range of supporting services and value added resources throughout the entire lifecycle to drive top line sales, optimize available resources, reduce costs, increase cash flows, and optimize for profitability.

Strategic Planning for Growth and Sustainability

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At Strategic Bongo we collaborate with our clients to identify, develop, and execute appropriate growth strategies.

  • Expand business geographically
  • Launch complimentary products for existing clients
  • Introduce existing products to a new client segment
  • Extend complimentary services to existing customers
  • Drive cost efficiency throughout the value chain
  • Leverage technology to increase efficiency, business intelligence, and client service


Sales and Marketing for a Competitive Advantage

Challenges or opportunities - -which does your company see? Strategic Bongo assists our clients in identifying key differentiators and wisely managing opportunities as they present.

  • Launch Planning and Execution
  • Market Messaging and Positioning
  • Product and Service Lifecycle Management
  • IT and Business Alignment
  • Business Intelligence
  • System Automation



Profit Optimization

Strategic Bongo offers services and technology solutions that enable business to work to optimize profitability

Business Process Optimization

Reduces costs and maximize available resources

Risk Mitigation and Compliance

Evolve practices to reduce costly mistakes

Business and IT alignment

Closes the gap between business need and technology capability and benefit

Business Intelligence and analytics

Brings visibility to sales, client service, and efficiency; associate to KPIs and goal deployment

Business system automations

Remove waste, reduce costs, increase productivity

Market development strategy and planning

Create messages that deliver on market need to drive top-line results.

Revival and Turnaround

At Strategic Bongo we collaborate with our clients to identify, develop, and execute appropriate growth strategies.

  • Value Proposition
  • Marketing & Sales Strategy
  • Business Modeling
  • Action Planning
  • Communication

At Strategic Bongo we bring to bear our extensive industry knowledge, value-added resources, proven methodologies, technology solutions, and world class strategic alliances to resolve these problems and return the enterprise to a sustainable trajectory.