Sustainable operational excellence

Businesses and governments continue to make broad based growth in sustainability related invesTMents. As a result, there is a need to integrate sustainability, not as a layer, but into the fabric of the business. At Strategic Bongo, our goal is help organizations drive business value from the successful integration of their sustainability strategies into the operational fabric of their organization by levering our vast array of consulting and technology toolsets.

Sustainable Practices that Add Business Value

five stages to Sustainability

    • Compliance: Focuses on improving environmental, health, and safety considerations through effective Risk Management and Compliance practices.
    • Integration:  Integrating waste reduction and resource efficiencies into business processes throughout the value chain to reduce costs.  Additionally, involves the consideration of social, economic, and environmental impact of business activities and how they can be integrated into business processes to fuel innovation and cut costs.
    • Measurement:  Establish baselines and develop methods of assessment so that starting positions can be identified and progress measured.  This involves tangible assessments of physical activities such as waste and energy efficiency  but also establishing ways of quantifying the impact of sustainability on brand, innovation, productivity, and the ability to attract and maintain talent.
    • Transformation:  Transform the supply chain by creating one that is more energy efficient and ethical, yielding products that are of greater value to consumers.
    • Systemic Change:  Involves integrating sustainability issues into business development.  Developing strategies that deliver new customers for goods and services, provide access to new markets, increase market share and profit margins in existing markets, and improved brand reputation.
Weave Sustainability and Resiliency into the
Organizational Fabric
    • Identify and prioritize intiatives.
    • Adapt strategies and tactics
    • Achieve quantifable results.
    • Innovate beyond the norm.