This book will make you think differently; more expansively, more creatively, more clearly.

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  • Create critical cross discipline collaborations that render innovation for the good
  • Establish creative innovation and watch it meaningfully seed, grow, and flourish
  • Simply do the right things, for the right reasons, while achieving a reasonable and fair return on mental, emotional, physical and classical broad-scale investment
  • Leverage the revolutionary top down, bottom up framework for delivering upon the promise of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for All, and most importantly, begin with yourself

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At Strategic Bongo we believe a renaissance has emerged at the confluence of the human, science, technology, and religion. And in it, significant opportunity exists for those who see beyond the mundane.

Our proprietary and revolutionary Innate Intelligence (I2) Framework™ enables insightful leaders, the ability to untangle and order complex systems.  From a new point of clarity, cross discipline collaboration renders reality for which solutions, to our most fundamental societal challenges are cultivated.

Strategic Bongo possesses 32 years, navigating disruption and complexity at the forefront of the Telecommunications, Healthcare IT and Biotechnology sectors. With an absolute passion for "technology for the Good of Mankind," supported by recent advances, in scientific subspecialties such as cognitive neuroscience and social awareness, we have synthesized a framework that revolutionizes humanities outlook.

Our clients lead boldly, while navigating the tidal waves of technological disruption and advancement, because they possess dexterity of Mind, Heart and Action in relation to the greater system connectedness. And as a result, Technologically Advanced Leadership deliver solutions that support the purveyance of Life, Liberty and the authentic Pursuit of Happiness.