maintain balance while driving bottom line results

Strategic Bongo maintains a 360 degree view of the real estate ecosystem to assist in developing holistic solutions that address immediate needs and establish foundations that foster greater achievement, innovation, and collaboration for our clients.

passionate about delivering
improvements in profitability

  • Efficient compliance with REO policies
  • Timely dispositions of assets through effective marketing, sales, market intelligence, and contract negotiations

We beleive maintaining balance while driving bottom line results is an iterative approach to doing small, everyday things exceptionally and consistently well.

Innovative Process Development, Optimization and Workflow Automation

    • Enable property on-boarding processes that reduce cost and increase productivity
    • Automate property marketing activities
    • Seamlessly communicate and collaborate with managing real estate agents and REO clients
    • Initiate transparent and efficient Broker Price Opinions(BPO)
    • Standardize management, reporting and monitoring of marketing and sales activities
    • Increased accuracy and facilitate ease of collaboration between legal counsel, external authorities, real estate agents, and title companies with automated document management systems
    • Streamline coordination and contacting processes associated with ensuring each property has proper securing, maintenance, winterization, insurance, and security
    • Improve cash flow and reduce overhead through optimized accounts payable and accounts receivable processes

Next-Generation Business Processes
for Next-gen Asset Management

With Strategic Bongo’s fully integrated, workflow automation solutions, clients reduce overhead expenses and simply do more with less. Using rules-driven processes that manage the entire lifecycle of nearly every work item.

    • Capture the work
    • Route it to the best resource
    • Monitor the process in real time