Bringing Resilency and Vitality

Strategic Bongo maintains a 360 degree view of the real estate ecosystem to assist in developing holistic solutions that address immediate needs and establish foundations that foster greater achievement, innovation, and collaboration for our clients.

Challenges present opportunity

Real Estate valuations are recovering at different rates based upon geographical location and asset class. Volume spikes are recurring in areas such as short sales, deed-in-lieu and foreclosure. Mergers and acquisitions continue to create ever larger and more complex businesses. Investors demand greater transparency to remain committed to the asset class.
Strategic Bongo's methods, processes optimization services, and automation solutions facilitate transparent and replicable governance and risk management practices that breathe vitality into taxed operations and maximize the use of existing resources.

How Do Strategic Bongo Clients Benefit?

  • Mortgage servicers and lenders develop highly efficient and effective regulatory compliant.loss mitigation programs.
  • REO operations teams cost effectively and timely manage and dispose of the disparate array of REO properties.
  • Asset managers control costs, increase efficiency, and collaborate more effectively with lenders, vendors, real estate professionals, and title companies.
  • Real Estate Brokerages maintain profitability on reduced sales volume and compressed commissions through improvements in operational efficiency and collaborating more effectively with lenders, asset managers, title companies, competing real estate brokerages, and their clients.