Assisting to create
efficient and sustainable operations

Doing everyday things exceptionally and consistently well

Leverage our extensive experience in construction, project management, and operational & strategic business planning to create highly effective, profitable, and sustainable construction operations.

Challenges Present Opportunity

We realize the successful businesses of tomorrow must effectively adapt to today's unprecedented challenges

    • The credit markets remain constrained putting many projects on indefinite hold – increasing competitive pressure.
    • High commodity prices are keeping input costs high while consumer affordability declines - putting pressure on margins.
    • Governmental and regulatory mandates continue to grow in number and complexity – increasing costs.

Efficiency, Agility, resiliency

At Strategic Bongo, our goal is to help our clients overcome challenges to improve bottom line results.

    • Define, document, and optimize organizational processes to improve efficiency and reduce expenses
    • Develop processes and technology solutions that dramatically reduce overhead, increase productivity, improve collaboration and extend efficiency throughout the value chain to reduce hard costs.
    • Develop more consistent and persistent risk management and compliance practices that lower costs and improve responsiveness
    • Deliver timely and accurate business intelligence, provide deeper visibility into operations, and enable improvements in client service – increasing cash flow.
    • Create and optimize business processes that integrate effective sustainability practices and create benchmarks to monitor effectiveness that drive business value.
    • Adapt and leverage changes in technology cost effectively to drive sustainable operational change.

Next-Generation Business Processes
for Next-gen Asset Management

With Strategic Bongo’s fully integrated, workflow automation solutions, clients reduce overhead expenses and simply do more with less. Using rules-driven processes that manage the entire lifecycle of nearly every work item.

    • Capture the work
    • Route it to the best resource
    • Monitor the process in real time