Agility, Transparent, Optimized

Strategic Bongo’s extensive and proven industry experience in Government, Non-Profit, Network Technology, Healthcare, Real Estate, Construction, and Land Development spans significant constituent groups, creating a distinguishing factor that provides our clients with compelling differentiation.

Achieve an entrepreneurial mindset through processes optimization and next generation technology

Value to Federal, State, and Local Governments

    • Establish clear strategic frameworks
    • Identify viable and sustainable business models and plans
    • Drive business value from the successful integration of sustainability strategies
    • Select lasting, next generation technology solutions
    • Build trusted and high-performing alliances and communities

With Municipal, State, and Federal budgets shrinking and the workloads growing, the time is now to

    • Technology and Application Modernization
    • Enhanced Transparency, Monitoring and Reporting and Business Intelligence
    • Efficiency through Workforce Automation and Business Process Modeling
    • Planning and Framework development of Agency Business Models
    • Increased collaboration across deparTMents
    • Providing leaders greater oversight, transparency, accountability, and collaboration within deparTMents and across the ecosystem
    • Business Intelligence, such as, visual dashboard reporting and monitoring that provides clear insight to performance based upon defined metrics
    • Increasing value to constituents via rich online web-enablement, such as, centralized portals for requesting, tracking, and paying for services
    • Innovative technology solutions that support sustainability initiatives such as document management that reduces paper-based exchanges, Workflow Automation that reduces the cycle times and lowers carbon footprints

Maintain balance
drive bottom-line results

At Strategic Bongo, our goal is to help government improve bottom line results through workflow automation solutions that reduce overhead expenses and simply do more with less.

We are advocates of rules-driven processes that manage the lifecycle of work items.

    • Reduce operating expenses through documented and optimized processes.
    • Maximize existing resources through efficiencies and automations that increase productivity.
    • Deliver intelligent document management solutions that increase productivity, reduce errors, improve compliance, and reduce costs.
    • Identify and build strategic and collaborative alliances that unify and optimize resource utilization and effectiveness.
    • Develop consistent and persistent risk management and compliance practices that reduce costs.
    • Deliver timely and accurate business intelligence and oversight to provide deeper visibility into operations, improve customer service, and create worker accountability and effectiveness.
    • Provide fully integrated, workflow automation technology solutions.
    • Assist to reduce overhead expenses and simply do more with less across the entire lifecycle of work items:  capturing the work, best case routing, and monitoring in real time.