Inspiring and Facilitating
Innovative Healthcare Transformation

The healthcare ecosystem is undergoing pressure to deliver increased quality of care while reducing overall system costs.  Meanwhile, Healthcare Reform, State and Municipal governments, technology integration, and complexities associated with the interconnected nature of the ecosystem elements have created unparalleled challenges.

Achieve an entrepreneurial mindset through processes optimization and next generation technology

Strategic Bongo's extensive and proven experience in both Healthcare IT and Technology industies is a distinguishing factor that provides our clients with significant advantages in

    • Establishing clear strategic frameworks
    • Identifying viable and sustainable business models and plans
    • Developing effective and actionable tactical plans
    • Selecting lasting technology solutions
    • Building trusted and high-performing alliances and communities

Move initiatives forward
with sustainable and demonstrable results

Strategic Bongo has the breadth of Business Consulting and Technology Services that assists in moving the initiative forward for sustainable and demonstrable results.

    • Adapt faster to mounting Healthcare Reform pressures and changes
    • Collaborate better across the vast and complex healthcare ecosystem
    • Innovate more readily by accessing and utilizing aggregated, trustworthy data.
    • Achieve better cost containment and increased quality

Value across the Healthcare Ecosystem

    • Health Information Exchange of sensitive information
    • Creating a ubiquitous Membership Directory Utility supported by effective workflow
    • Identifying and launching new businesses or models to create sustainability
    • Evaluating technology and establishing supporting partnerships