Solution Benefits for the Non Profit Sector

collaboration, accountability and transparency

Not-for-Profit entities of all sizes face challenges brought by regulatory and economic pressures like never before.  Public and private partnerships require enhanced levels of collaboration, accountability and transparency.  Furthermore, non-profits are compelled to perform more effectively with lean financial and human resources.

Strategic Bongo’s extensive and proven industry experience, inclusive of Not-for- Profits, creates a distinguishing factor that provides our clients significant advantage in

    • Establishing clear strategic frameworks
    • Identifying viable and sustainable business models and plans
    • Developing effective actionable tactical plans
    • Building trusted and high-performing alliances and communities
    • Selecting affordable and lasting technology solutions

Value to constituents

Our complete set of Business Consulting and Technology Services delivers value where the focus is to enable

    • Increasing value to constituents via rich online web-enablement, such as, centralized portals for requesting, tracking, and paying for services; Monitoring, Reporting and Business Intelligence yielding enhanced transparency
    • Efficiency through Workforce Automation and Business Process Modeling
    • Strategic Planning Frameworks and business plan development
    • Increasing collaboration internally, as well as between remote workers and 3rd party alliances.
    • Innovative technology solutions that support sustainability initiatives, such as, document management that reduces paper-based exchanges, Workflow Automation that reduces the cycle times and lowers carbon footprints
    • Technology and Application Modernization

& demonstrable results

Strategic Bongo’s breadth of Business Consulting and Technology Services assists in moving the initiative effectively forward for sustainable and demonstrable results.

    • Adapt faster and provide enhanced value for those served
    • Collaborate and automate activities internally, with clients, and valued alliances to meet the organizational mission
    • Innovate more readily, creating innovative business plans and programs
    • Achieve operational objectives leveraging insight from real-time monitoring and reporting