Agility, Standardization, Flawless results

Strategic Bongo works to assist REO operations teams to simplify and standardize the complex workflows in the most cost effective, compliant, and timely means possible.

Achieve the speed and agility of an entrepreneurial mindset through processes optimization and next generation technology

Strategic Bongo systems and methodologies enable REO operation teams to manage the acquisition, maintenance, and sale of a disparate array of real estate assets efficiently, consistently, and transparently.

    • Define and optimize workflow across different functional units and 3rd party asset managers
    • Bring systematic visibility to changes in real estate valuations
    • Increase capability of responding with agility to spikes in foreclosure volume.

Achieve standardization

Possess consistent quality

Ensure flawless execution

Centralize command
and control

Innovative Process Development and Workflow Automation Optimization

    • Improve operating efficiency and ensure workflow timeliness and accuracy
    • Streamline non-routine and complex operational problems often requiring research and involvement from other business functional experts
    • Standardize processes and increase accuracy of transactions and responses associated with customer, investor, and 3rd party related inquiries
    • Standardize risk management and compliance practices to mitigate risk, and increase agility. 
    • Identify, prioritize, and automate risk avoidance practices into business processes
    • Streamline and standardize monitoring and reporting to gain greater visibility into work status, process effectiveness, regulatory compliance, customer satisfaction, and more.
    • Improve cash flow and reduce overhead through optimized accounts payable and accounts receivable processes

Next-Generation Business Processes
for Next-gen Asset Management

With Strategic Bongo’s fully integrated, workflow automation solutions, clients reduce overhead expenses and simply do more with less. Using rules-driven processes that manage the entire lifecycle of nearly every work item.

    • Capture the work
    • Route it to the best resource
    • Monitor the process in real time