Assisting to create the next-gen Brokerage

Doing everyday things
exceptionally and consistently well

Changes in technology, regulation, the economy, and the competitive landscape are transforming the nature of the Real Estate Brokerage business. As the industry evolves, Strategic Bongo sees a wealth of opportunities for today's real estate brokerages and tomorrow's entrepreneurial minded leaders.

We assist Real Estate Brokers in their evolution while maintaining the delicate balance between agent demands for higher commission splits and seller's demands for enhanced marketing and elevated services at lower cost.

Maintain balance
drive bottom-line results

At Strategic Bongo, our goal is to help brokers improve bottom line results through organic growth – increasing cash flow from operations and driving sales growth.

    • Reduce operating expenses through documented and optimized processes
    • Maximize existing resources through efficiencies and automations that increase productivity
    • Deliver intelligent document management solutions that increase productivity, reduce errors, improve compliance, and reduce costs.
    • Identify and build strategic and collaborative alliances that expand business scope and effectiveness
    • Develop consistent and persistent risk management and compliance practices that reduce costs
    • Deliver timely and accurate business intelligence to provide deeper visibility into operations, improve customer service, and create worker accountability and effectiveness
    • Position brokerages operationally to cost effectively leverage the power of technology innovation
    • Provide fully integrated, workflow automation technology solutions.
    • Assist to reduce overhead expenses and simply do more with less across the entire lifecycle of work items:  capturing the work, best case routing, and monitoring in real time.

Next-Generation Business Processes
for Next-gen Asset Management

With Strategic Bongo’s fully integrated, workflow automation solutions, clients reduce overhead expenses and simply do more with less. Using rules-driven processes that manage the entire lifecycle of nearly every work item.

    • Capture the work
    • Route it to the best resource
    • Monitor the process in real time