Inspiring and Facilitating High Technology Business

Strategic Bongo's vast High Tech experience

Spanning Fortune 100 to startups and all aspects the product lifecycle:

  • Product and business development
  • Sales and marketing
  • System engineering
  • Testing and beta environments
  • Implementation
  • Support and maintenance
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing

Build Salient Messaging
and Operational Excellence

Technology companies and their solutions span vertical markets supported by varied business models, some directed towards the consumer, others to the enterprise. We work to actively support three elements spanning both business models:

    • Delivering salient and understandable messaging through the right sales channels.
    • Incorporating client user feedback into the development and support chain to improve products & services and identify new complimentary offers.
    • Operational-"izing" efficiencies throughout the value chain to reduce costs and increase productivity.

Achieve Results

Strategic Bongo's breadth of Business Consulting and Technology Services moves initiatives effectively forward for sustainable and demonstrable results.

    • Adapt
    • Collaborate
    • Innovate
    • Achieve

Passion and expertise to Assist

Optimize efforts and engage the trusted leader.

    • Safely navigate the complexity of massive paradigm shifts brought by technological revolutions and economic pressures.
    • Adapt current plans to an innovative strategic vision.
    • Focus tactics that create a transformative and effective cultural change, yielding lasting and sustainable achievement.