Inspiring and Facilitating High Technology Business

secure market share and grow footprints

Telecommunication providers are true technology innovators whose services span all vertical markets with offers for consumers and businesses.  The race continues to secure market share and grow footprints.  At Strategic Bongo our goal is to extend telecommunication providers our extensive experience in the telecommunications industry along with our Rapid Creation and Delivery Platform enabling Service Providers the ability to:

    • Develop new revenue generating services for existing clients
    • Create value added services to existing enterprise clients
    • Increase data throughput over their networks
    • Increase operational efficiency – reducing overhead expenses
    • Drive efficiencies throughout the value chain – lowering operating costs

Compelling Technology Innovation for Internal Operations

Our complete set of interconnected functional applications and support systems reside on a robust, highly available and secure PaaS platform that enables massive efficiency for internal Telecom business operations. Business process automation and optimization extends across the service provider value chain creating seamless and efficient interaction between marketing, sales, service, as well as provisioning and support operations.

    • Automate internal operations to decrease operational costs
    • Improve risk management and compliance practices to reduce costly errors
    • Obtain deeper visibility into operations via our Business Intelligence Applications to optimize asset use, improve service, and reduce costs.

New Revenue Generating Rapid Service Creation

Telecommunication Providers create new revenue streams by developing and extending value-added SaaS and BPaaS services via the most robust and available Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).  Providers operationalize services to their clients affording new innovations and efficiencies.  All while eliminating their clients need for hardware invesTMent and costly IT management.

    • Extend new business consulting services
    • Generate rich new revenue streams that extend as SaaS and BPaaS service to consumers and business clients
    • Provide solutions containing extensive  Enterprise Applications with complete Workforce Automation
    • Strategic Bongo’s innovative methods and technology, powered by QBOS, deliver Service Providers elegant and unlimited SaaS and BPaaS service creation potential